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This can only mean that the patch is right around the corner. WOOT!

MP1st is reporting that themed playlists began showing up on the console server browser.

Lead Designer, Gustav Halling, has sated that players will be able to distinguish between Conquest and Conquest Assault in the upcoming patch…

WELL, SPIN MY NIPPLE NUTS AND SEND ME TO ALASKA!  That’s great f—ing news, I dislike Conquest Assault.

MP1st posted a few tips to help us out;

  • Upon selecting a server, make sure to move the thumb stick over one to the right in order to view the Map Rotation. Here, you will see what game modes are included and on what maps.
  • Once you find a server that features your favorite maps or game modes, make sure to “Favorite” it in order to revisit it without having to search for it again.
  • It should be noted that servers labelled without -[DICE]- are regular servers and are made up of a single game type with a generic map rotation. So if you only want to play Conquest exclusively on various maps, for example, pick one of these servers. Same goes for Rush, TDM, SQDM and SQRush.
  • Servers labelled with -[DICE]- preceding the name will most likely be themed. A full list of server types can be found below.
  • You’ll also notice that “Custom” is now a searchable preset. This will obviously come into play once private servers are deployed on consoles.


Conquest and Rush

[DICE]- BF3 Classic Only – Features a mix of Conquest and Rush on classic BF3 maps only
[DICE]- Urban Warfare – Features a mix of Conquest and Rush on various urban maps
[DICE]- Back to Karkand Only – Features a mix of Conquest and Rush on Back to Karkand maps only


[DICE]- Epic Battles – Features Conquest on large maps only


[DICE]- Most Popular – Features a mix of  TDM, Rush and Conquest on popular maps only
[DICE]- Soldier Skirmishes – Features a mix of  TDM, Rush and Conquest on various urban maps

Mixed Deathmatch

[DICE]- Deathmatch Action – Features a mix of  TDM and SQDM on various maps

BF3: More Expansion Details Emerge

Gleaned from Mp1st article(s).

There will be no Rush Mode in Close Quarters.

Close Quarters will have a variation of Conquest called Conquest Domination. This is good news for me but BF3 vets will be crying “you’re copying CoD,” the moment I finish typing this. Quite frankly, coming from CoD, I don’t see much of a difference between BF3 Conquest and CoD Domination game modes, other than the glaringly obvious that is (vehicles, bigger maps, etc.) I’m just happy it’s not all TDM.

Close Quarters will not support 64 players on or 32 players on console. The official page states 2-16 players. This makes sense. A small map with boat loads of players pretty much amounts to; die, spawn, shoot guy in front of you, die, spawn, get shot by guy in front of you, die, spawn

I also confirmed something that I suspected the moment I saw the Close Quarters trailer, it was inspired by The Matrix scene when Neo and Trinity turn an office building lobby into a pile of smoldering rubble.

I sat down and spoke with Jhony Ljungstedt, my art director, and had a discussion about how we could achieve this. After bouncing random ideas for a while, he told me that even though that explosive scene from “The Matrix” was rather old, seeing Neo and Trinity turn a lobby into rubble in slow motion did leave a huge impression, and hadn’t ever been properly done in a game. We both agreed and Jhony said he really wanted to be able to create that sensation. ~ Niklas Fegraeus, Lead Designer on Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

One thing I feel the game desperately needs is a tutorial mode. Something to help new players ease into the game better but mostly something to help us vehicular challenged people learn how to fly choppers and such.

It’s not a big deal to me, I do well enough in ground vehicles, but it would be nice. I can “fly” a plane–so long as the definition of flying is going forward in the direction the nose is facing–but I get knocked out of the sky within 60 seconds thanks to all the Ace pilots that now dominate. At this point in the game’s lifespan getting a kill to level up the plane is near impossible. I won’t even look at a chopper pilots seat. Why waste a perfectly good chopper so I can learn to fly at detriment to my team?

Still, it would be good to be able to hop in one occasionally and hold my own. Especially in those late night games when I always seem to get stuck on the team without a decent pilot.

NextGenTactics Chimes in on the Used Game Issue & some EA News from MP1st.

SpiderBite brings up quite a few things Microsoft and Sony need to consider if they implement an anti-used game verification system in their next consoles. I pretty much agree with him on everything except for the online pass thing. I think it’s okay for a publisher to charge an extra $10 to someone who purchased a used game to be able to play online. It costs money to maintain those servers.

I think the industry is just being greedy and blowing this all out of proportion. I buy used games all the time. The type of games I buy used are single player games over a year old or more. And I would never buy a used game from Gamestop if the discount was only a mere $5-10. In that case I would just buy it new if I wanted it that bad. I’m all for capitalism but when corporations pulling in over a billion in pure profit start whining about not making enough money, something is intrinsically wrong with the system.

MP1st is reporting that EA COO, Peter Moore, predicts that Electronic Arts will ‘own’ (or is it pwn?) the FPS genre by 2014. I got news for EA, they ain’t gonna own jack shit unless they fix BF3 and focus on making it a better game.

I bought MW2 and all the map packs. I even bought Black Ops and all the map packs. I don’t play these games anymore and now I feel I wasted my money. MW2 was one noob-tube-one-man-army patch fix away from being a perfect game. Black Ops network code is abysmal and it only got worse over time. I’m not falling into that trap again. I won’t make that same mistake anymore. I’ve learned my lesson. I will only invest in games I’m sure I will be playing for a while. And by ‘a while‘ I mean more than a year.

I’ll admit I bought the Back to Karkand expansion but a couple of things factored into my decision to purchase it. First, I got (that is, my wife got me) BF3 on sale for about $35. Second, I played the game for a week to see if I liked it enough to want to invest in the expansion. It was not an impulse buy by any means. I won’t even think about buying anymore expansions until I see DICE and EA make a sincere effort to fix and balance this game. Releasing patch notes is nice and all but actions speak louder than words.

Here’s the thing, if EA and DICE fail to impress me with BF3 do they really think I will buy another FPS title under their banner? Executives talking about future iterations of a product when the current iteration is plagued with problems does very little to instill any confidence in me regarding the game’s publishers. It seems to scream, “we got yo mony biatches, now SUCK IT!

Corporations really need to start focusing on the profits they are making instead of the profits they believe they should be making.