Are you seeing VC_RED?

The wonderful thing about doing a clean install on your system every now and then is you can be reasonably sure about what should and should not be there. When I discovered a bunch of files on my recently formatted and clean backup drive I was a little dismayed. I don’t like it when guests show up uninvited and utterly fail to bring the obligatory bottle of liquor that makes such unwarranted visits a little more bearable.

  • vcredist.bmp (blank bitmap image)
  • VC_RED (windows installer package)
  • VC_RED (Cabinet file)
  • install.res.3082.dll
  • install.res.2052.dll
  • install.res.1042.dll
  • install.res.1041.dll
  • install.res.1040.dll
  • install.res.1036.dll
  • install.res.1033.dll
  • install.res.1031.dll
  • install.res.1028.dll
  • globdata.ini
  • install.ini
  • eula.3082.txt
  • eula.2052.txt
  • eula.1042.txt
  • eula.1041.txt
  • eula.1040.txt
  • eula.1036.txt
  • eula.1033.txt
  • eula.1031.txt
  • eula.1028.txt

I noticed the same files on the C drive on my laptop. Right away I was pretty sure they were the offspring of an installer program gone awry. I was right. They are temp files from the Visual C++Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2008 RTM. You can safely delete them.

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Writer, reader, observer, rabid and raging liberal/progressive, Democratic Socialist (just like Orwell) and social anxiety ridden freak. Also loves dogs, and his wife; not necessarily in that order. I play games too. Video games, not mind games. Everything I needed to know about being a decent human being I learned from my mother and Gene Roddenberry. Bill Hicks and Roger Waters taught me whatever was left.

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