Microsoft update KB2686509 won’t install… Solved.

This has been a minor irritation on my XP machine for a while now. I figured with a clean install I wouldn’t see it again. I was wrong.  Microsoft says it’s a problem with a faultykeyboard.log file or it’s because you remapped a key and the solutions you find for it require you to jump through flaming hoops while doing the Funky Chicken naked.

I don’t like doing the Funky Chicken, I especially don’t like having to do it naked. Or near flame.

After perusing tech forums for a few hours I finally stumbled on a viable, working solution that anyone can perform.

Go to, read through the succinct step by step instructions then download the HotFix at the bottom of the page. Go back and follow the instructions to the letter and everything should be right as rain. It’s safe, simple and quick.

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Writer, reader, observer, rabid and raging liberal/progressive, Democratic Socialist (just like Orwell) and social anxiety ridden freak. Also loves dogs, and his wife; not necessarily in that order. I play games too. Video games, not mind games. Everything I needed to know about being a decent human being I learned from my mother and Gene Roddenberry. Bill Hicks and Roger Waters taught me whatever was left.

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