Can’t connect to EA Servers? SOLVED… maybe.

  1. Turn off your router for at least five minutes.
  2. Reset your 360’s time and date to 11/15/2005, 12:00 AM.
  3. Plug your router back in, allow it to reconnect.
  4. Sign out of your 360 and sign back in.
  5. Pop your game back in and Bob’s your uncle.
I am getting a boat load of hits on this article. I would appreciate it if all you kind folks having issues with the EA servers would take a little time to make a comment below and let me know if this helped and if it didn’t, did you find anything that did help? I was too lazy to do the router, time and date dance last night while playing Tiger Woods 11, but after 15 minutes or so I was able to search for an on-line match.

EDIT 2/2/12: IF you are still having problems, read this. <<<<< click the link!

EA SPORTS. IT’S IN THE GAME (if you can connect to the f—ing servers!)
I picked up a copy of Tiger Woods 2011 for under $20. Frustrated with the fact that I still haven’t opened all of the courses on Tiger Woods 08 I decided not to wait for Christmas morning and opened my new Tiger Woods 2011 as soon as I received it. Actually, I tried to beat Daly and a few other seemingly impossible Tiger 08 Challenges one more time then I opened it. And right after I got through the whole initial set up, you know, where you spend 3 hours making your avatar (and I still can’t settle on a hairstyle,) I began having connection issues.

Remembering that a problem I had downloading the latest New Vegas patch was solved simply by changing my network settings to automatic (I have a static IP and an open NAT on my 360,) I decided to try that last night and my Tiger Woods 2011 was able to connect with no problem. At first I thought this was the ultimate solution to everyone’s ‘unable to connect to EA servers at this time‘ problems. After performing more experiments in preparation for this article I found just adjusting your network settings not to be the ultimate solution.

It’s common knowledge that having an open NAT for your 360 can improve your on-line experience therefore most of you will have set this up already. Changing my network settings back to auto worked for me last night but did not work for me today. Still, if you’re having trouble with your favorite EA Sports title you might want to try it in a pinch. You’ll just have to switch back to the manual setting when you want to play Call of Duty or Halo, games that prefer an open NAT. I do believe I’ve found a solution that works but it’s akin to sacrificing your first born to the EA Server gods… Okay, maybe not, but it is a pain in the arse.


  1. Turn off your router (unplug the power supply) for at least five minutes.
  2. While your router is off, reset your 360’s time and date to 11/15/2005, 12:00 AM.
  3. Plug your router back in, allow it to reconnect.
  4. Sign out of your 360 and sign back in. You should be reconnected to the Live service. You could also restart the 360 but simply signing out and back in worked for me every time.

Start your game up and you should have no problems. This worked for me consistently with Tiger Woods 2011, each and every time I received the unable to connect to EA servers message. If you’re having problems with this solution try leaving your router unplugged a little longer. While I can only test this on the EA titles I own I imagine it works with all of the EA sports titles.

The problem recurs the moment I play another title, and for me it’s only happening with Tiger Woods 2011. For example:

  • I’m playing Tiger Woods 2011 with no problem, the game sees and communicates with the EA servers.
  • I pop in FIFA 12 and can connect to the EA servers with no problem.
  • I pop in Tiger Woods 2011 and I’m unable to connect.
  • I go back to FIFA 12 and I can connect, no problem.
  • Pop in Tiger Woods and I end up having to to do the router/time and date dance to get it working again.

I still can’t get my Fight Night Round 4 to connect to the EA Servers no matter what I do. Not a big issue for me as I never planned on playing that title on-line, but having the option to would be nice, if anyone’s found a solution to this I’d appreciate you telling us about it in the comments.


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  1. any idea if there is a similiar solution for Wii? It simply will not connect to EA servers for Tiger Woods 2011 (this is the only EA game we have, so unable to test with others). i have reset my router (att uverse residential gateway) and tried to set the date on the Wii console to 11/15/2005, but it still will not connect. i spoke to att, they are not blocking ports. also, i know the Wii is connected to the internet, we have validated other online content is available (ie amazon)

    • I am not sure if there is a similar solution for the Wii. I think the problem is pandemic with EA’s older titles, in our case titles that are only a year old.

      If you ask me it’s an EA Server side issue and nothing to do with you. I think it’s a priority thing on the EA servers, older titles are shifted to the back of the line when you log on. My FIFA 12 connects fine every time even though a few people have posted problems with this title as well.

      I’ve noticed a couple of times that my Tiger Woods 11 would not connect but after I played a few rounds of golf off line it would connect all by itself in the background. So try just playing for a bit and see what happens. Sorry I could not be more help, I’m not familiar with the Wii.

  2. Thanks! Will try it. Maybe just for fun will try to get a friend to being their 2012 over to see if connects successfully. It sure seems like it’s on the EA side….anyway, really appreciate the info and the super fast response!

  3. Unfortunately, this did not work for me with Sims 3 Pets. I was really hoping it would! 😦 Thank you for the information, though.

    • Sorry it didn’t work Becky. Wish I could be more help, if I discover any other possible remedies I’ll be sure to post them. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. This has worked! Thank you

  5. Bob Shirley

    I just fixed this problem myself. if you’ve NEVER been able to play an EA game, except for a long time ago, then i have the fix.
    Call EA (866-543-5435….it IS the current number, even though it mentions PSN being down..) and ask them to de-link your gamertag with the EA account it is linked to. they didnt ask for any verification except gamertag/PSN, strangely. you may have a small wait on hold on the phone. then, play your EA game and use your current EA account when it asks you.
    i swear this worked for me. i was sooo frustrated because i couldnt play EA games.

    MY STORY: a while ago, i played bad company one, using my current email. a few years later, i tried to play battlefield three, but i was never able to connect to the servers. Because every other xbox game worked except EA games ( i tried FIFA12 also), i suspected it was a problem with my account. i called, and the person told me that my account (with the same email) had been deleted somehow. he removed my EA from my GT, and told me i was ready to play with my new account.

    bottom line: call them and ask to link your gamertag to a new account.


  7. Howsit, tried the whole date and time thing on fifa 10…didnt work….any other suggestions??

  8. Javier Rodriguez

    Hey I came here hoping to find a solution to my problem please respond to me! I currently own a psvita with FIFA 12 I bought it like 2 months ago, every time I try to sign in to ea servers it’s just keeps on saying “EA servers not available at this time” I am super frustrated!

  9. i tryed it a billion times it wont work i just bought the sims 3 pets new and cant connect ea sucks

  10. it didn’t work..thanx for the info

  11. Holy potatoes, it worked. You + me = kids.

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