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The Battlefield Video Guides Lists are back!

Seeing that I’m back playing Battlefield (3 & 4) I figured why not throw the Battlefield Video Guides Lists back up.

So here they are:


I think the BF3 list is done. I won’t be updating it anytime soon unless it’s a really great video I overlooked.


This is a work in progress. I will admit that gaming has taken a second seat to writing around here and I won’t be working on this list as much as many of you would probably like to see. So if you know of any videos you feel should be added to the list please shoot me an e-mail or add the link in the comments so I can add it and give you credit for helping me.

Please always be respectful to your fellow gamers. And ignore the douchebags; don’t give them an audience. Have fun, and remember it’s just a game, not a career. Enjoy Battlefield but when it starts to frustrate you don’t yell, scream and throw your controller. Relax and take a break from it. Battle on, brothers and sisters in arms.

State of the Game: Battlefield 4, MAY 2014 (XBOX 360) – Part 2

Battlefield 4Welcome to part 2 of my Battlefield 4 State of the Game article.

Not going to lie, everyone I’ve played with has experienced everything from game crashing to console crashing problems. The map Dawnbreaker consistently crashes for everyone, though it has been stable for TDM matches (a smaller map). There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason for it, it will crash if there is a lot of action on the screen and it will crash if you are standing back at your empty base deciding a better plan of attack. This is unacceptable and DICE must fix this. Dawnbreaker is a great map and I would love to make it through a round with having to restart my Xbox.

Installing the game to your hard drive may belay crashing issues a little. Maybe delete all the updates, clear the cache on the drive and download the updates again if you’ve had the game since release. With a fresh May 2014 install of BF4 (I installed both disks) I have not experienced as many crashes as I thought I would, very few in fact. I’m not saying that I have the solution, only that it is something you should take the time to try if you are experiencing severe problems.

For those not tech savvy, the tickrate is basically how often the computers update player’s positions on the map. Counter Strike’s is something like 100, while BF4’s is 10. However, there is no concrete proof that all the rubber-banding, and oddball happenings (like getting shot from behind a concrete wall or by an enemy that had his back turned to you) is solely due to the tickrate. I will say the low refresh rate of player positions is most noticeable on the mini-map making it very unreliable and pretty much useless.
All in all, I haven’t noticed anything game breaking here and the one thing I do know from my years of gaming is sometimes the Lag Gods favor you and sometimes they curse you. Most of the time the game is pretty stable on the 360.

If you’re experiencing severe lag issues go into your BF4 Options and look under the gameplay tab for Network Smoothing Factor and reduce it to ZERO. It seems to work for me and I have not noticed a degradation in graphics or experienced any visual errors the description of this setting suggests. Never do QUICK MATCH. Browse the servers and only join ones with three bars or higher. And do what the “pros” do if you’re having a really bad game, back-out of it and find another server.

That being said, the game is frustrating at times. Especially when you can’t find your groove and it seems like everyone is shooting you from impossible positions on the map. I don’t know if it’s shoddy netcode, the kill cam showing the enemy’s position too far after the fact, or just that I haven’t found my gun and my go to class yet. It’s probably a little of all of these factors and then some.

Overall it’s an improvement on the series. There’s plenty of game modes right out of the box and the maps are much better designed, even the DLC maps. Except for Flood Zone which is a sniper camp fest for every class now that DMRs are in the game. It’s my Tehran Highway at this point. I hated Tehran Highway. Naval Strike is probably the best expansion in the history of the franchise. Progression through the game is fun and rewarding. Getting a new Battlepack every few levels is like getting a neat little gift for your efforts and the rewards in them are not game changing, just fun camos and different sights for the guns.

They did, but no one liked it. Gamers are fussy little gits harder to please than a Reagan loving Conservative pissed off with the right of Reagan black guy in the White House. BF4’s single player campaign was simply amazing. A far cry from the half-arsed forgettable crap that was in BF3. It’s well written, well acted and played wonderful. It’s been a while since a game pulled on my heartstrings enough to draw a tear and honestly, the single player alone was worth the $23 I spent. I don’t care what anyone says. The single player experience may have been short, but it was one hell of a ride. The only thing that would have made it better was if they implemented a slight roleplaying mechanic into it, so that your character could respond to the people talking to him. Like this one time the Marines on your ship were griping about something humane your teammate did; it would have been nice to tell them to fuck off, we’re Americans, helping people is what we do. Another disappointment was its Fallout 3 ending. The game gives you some choices but leaves out the most obvious one, like sending the Mutant companion into the radiated area to hit a simple switch, only in reverse, and you’re not a mutant, and the area isn’t radiated.

On the Xbox 360 I would say yes. I loved it so much I promptly went and blew the rest of my gaming budget for the year on Premium. If you’ve been following tDCS for any amount of time you would know that I’m one frugal gamer. For me to blow that much money on just DLC for a game is strange, especially considering my history with the franchise!

The game can be frustrating, but like I said, I’m not sure if it is frustrating for me because I don’t have everything unlocked yet and I haven’t found the guns, kits and play style that works for me in BF4 or if the netcode and programming is too shoddy. This past weekend was especially frustrating as I saw my stats go down faster than Bristol Palin on prom night. I suspect it had a little to do with it being a double XP Premium event and a lot of the ubers were on trying to squeeze a level or two to brag about, and I was experimenting with different guns on my assault class.

Yes, I’m worried they won’t fix the game. I’m worried they will push out the final DLC, say goodbye and leave all the bugs and the game unbalanced ala Modern Warfare 2. I’m worried I may have blown the rest of my gaming budget on a digital drinks coaster. We are talking about Electronic Arts after all.

If you are on the fence about BF4 I would suggest getting a used copy off Amazon for under $25. It is most definitely worth that much. If you like it grab a map pack or two or just get Premium. We all have to be smarter consumers. It’s why I bought the game used. It’s why you may want to wait until the Premium Edition is released and save a bit of money.

If you are looking for a new shooter, fear not, despite its problems Battlefield still blows CoD away.

State of the Game: Battlefield 4, MAY 2014 (XBOX 360) – Part 1

Battlefield 4After some glowing recommendations from a few of my BF3 friends on Xbox Live, I decided to test the waters of Battlefield 4 and purchased a used copy off Amazon for $23.

The following are my honest observations about the game on the Xbox 360 after playing it for a week. While I’ve had issues with Battlefield 3 in the past and I am certainly no friend of Electronic Arts, I am hard pressed to condemn this game on the Xbox 360. At the same time I do see some severe issues that must be fixed. However, if you are thinking about getting BF4 for the Xbox 360 don’t let all the negative press influence your decision.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard regarding the 360 version of BF4 since launch is the graphics are terrible on the 360. This could not be further from the truth.

Graphic-wise I’m not seeing anything on next gen consoles that is knocking me off my feet yet. This will change in a year or so when developers are more familiar with the hardware. Consider the games Oblivion (which was one of the first games released on the last gen) and Skyrim. Same hardware, but two very different looking games in terms of quality, eye-popping graphics. The biggest difference between Xbox One and the 360 version is 64 players and for most of you this will not translate into more people for you to kill, but more people to kill you.

Richly detailed graphics will blend into the background once you start getting into the game. I’m not saying they don’t matter, or the game won’t look better on the Xbox One. Only that after the initial wow factor is over and you’re getting shot at you’ll have 32 other things to worry about on Xbox One.

It’s certainly a different color scheme. Brighter. Considering some of the locales it should be expected. China likes its reds and golds, and Asian cities are full of neon (compared to the washed out sand look of BF3). It will take a bit to get used to if you’ve had your eyes glued to the washed out desert look of BF3 for the past few years.

The interface is another story. It’s clunky, not cluttered, but difficult to navigate and there is a huge chance of getting an epileptic fit while trying to join one of your friends. Why they left out the ability to squad up before you get into the game is mind-boggling. And why they left out the option to equip your soldier from the main screen without having to actually be in a match is one of the single most asinine decisions in the history of gaming.

The interface seems to be designed around the misplaced idea that everyone buying BF4 also owns a high-end tablet or has a PC sitting right next to their game console. Adjusting my loadout in Battlelog while I work on this review on my computer is a breeze. However, trying to utilize this feature on my Galaxy Tab during the match is an exercise in tedium. By the time the device responds to my inputs the situation on the battlefield has changed and I just spawned in with smoke when the team really needed another medic.

The Battlelog system does have one fantastic feature. It will allow you to save 2 loadouts for each class (4 if you have Premium) so you can adjust to the SITREP on the fly. Alas, even this has some major design flaws. If you want to adjust your preset loadout you have to delete the loadout you want to change and save it again rather than just save the new adjustment over it and it won’t save different gun loadouts along with the preset. You also can not access these presets from inside the game, you have to use an external device. The more I think about it the more I believe that this Battlelog system is still in pre-beta and we are paying for the privilege of debugging it.

My biggest gripe is not being able to squad up with my friends before we find a match. I’m not the overtly competitive type who sees everything and everyone as a challenge, I don’t like shooting my friends and I really don’t like them shooting at me, but that’s the only way to get into a match and you just have to pray the game balances everyone onto the same team during the intermission. Sometimes it does. Most of the time it doesn’t.

Another complaint I’ve heard is BF4 is too much like CoD. Again, this is bullshit. Gunplay is faster paced than BF3. It does seem as though it takes fewer bullets to kill or be killed, but it’s still a far cry from CoD where someone just points their gun at you and you are dead. In terms of BF3, the whole game feels a little like Close Quarters and for me this is not a bad thing.

That being said, if you are used to BF3 it’s going to take a few days for you to adapt to BF4’s game mechanics. Snipers have C4 now (which they had in previous versions of Battlefield) and so far I haven’t noticed a negative affect on gameplay because of this. I’m not a huge fan of Snipers in these games; one shot, one kill is too powerful IMHO. But giving them C4 doesn’t make them any more or less OP.

Every class now has access to Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs, basically sniper rifles without a long range scope), and I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s very confusing to hear sniper rounds all around me and the kill cam showing me it was a Support guy that just raped me from half way across the map. Of course the BF4 gaming community wanted these weapons to have even longer range scopes. Thank the gaming Gods DICE disagreed. Snipers also requested their OP weapons be upgraded to penetrate body armor at close range to which DICE told them to bugger off because resisting bullet damage is exactly what body armor is supposed to do. I swear snipers are some of the whiniest little gits in gaming who won’t be satisfied until they can blindly fire their weapons in the general direction of the enemy, instantly killing all of them.

I’m sure gameplay needs some more balancing. Given all the release problems I doubt DICE has had much time for this. However, I’m not noticing any major issues. There’s the usual gripes and moans from pilots about anti-air devices being too powerful, along with the obligatory gamer cacophony about this weapon and that weapon. I’m not too worried about it. DICE has always been pretty good about game balancing (when they get around to it.)

Thank you for stopping by and reading this article. Please come back tomorrow for part 2 when I’ll discuss the netcode and lag issues of BF4.

The BF Diaries: Playing on a smaller TV

Up until just before last Christmas I had been playing BF3 on my larger 46″ Sony Bravia TV. I’ve heard tell that it’s better to play on a smaller TV. So, one night when the wife was away and unavailable to yell at me for “moving shit around for stupid reasons” I moved the 36″ Samsung TV from the bedroom into the living room, hooked up the 360 and gave it a go. After about 5 games, my buddy and I decided that there is probably some truth in the smaller TV thing. All five games I either pulled off even K/D or better. Keep in mind, I play the f-ing objective, but I’m never that consistent playing on the bigger screen. That very same night I ended up moving the gaming console into the bedroom, along with the router and cable modem… So the wife couldn’t yell at me for moving shit around for stupid reasons, which she did anyway when she returned the next day from visiting her aunt.


It’s now a few months later and while I admit I am still no FPS beast, you can see that my K/D ratio has been rising steadily since I made the move to the smaller TV. Okay, okay, my win/loss has been going down… You can blame Scavenger (and the dreaded and excruciatingly unsuccessful XBOW chase) for that. I’ve also been having to drop out of a lot of games because YOU MAROONS HAVE THE TICKET COUNTS SET TOO FREAKING HIGH AND NO ONE HAS THE TIME FOR THAT! My quit percentage is 14%… I hate quitting games, I’d rather lose. So yeah, quit with the ‘effing huge ticket counts already, especially you gits with the Close Quarters servers.

KDWLBefore I traded Battlefield 3 in on 5/12/2012 thanks to the Great EA Server Fiasco my K/D was an abysmal .66 (in my defense, I PTFO and almost exclusively Conquest back then). I purchased BF3 Premium just after Thanksgiving and played my first game around 12/18/12, shortly after that I moved my 360 to the 36″ TV and reset my stats to get a better grasp of how well I was doing without my old stats plaguing me. Since then my K/D has hovered between .85 and .90, and is slowly and steadily getting better. Like I said, I’m no beast, but there has been a demonstrable improvement since I’ve jumped back in. Rare is the game in which I’m 5 kills and 10 or more deaths (even when I go balls to the wall and PTFO.) Using BF3 Stats and cutting out all the time I did not play BF3 at all, it’s a pretty big jump. My kill assists and headshots have also risen dramatically. I’m getting a lot more headshots on the smaller TV.

My K/D has improved from .66 to .71 just by playing on a smaller screen and is rising slow and sure. All in all, I’m chuffed. I sacrificed surround sound in my games, but I’m playing better because of it. So if you are playing a 46″ TV or larger and desire to improve your game I would suggest moving your console to a smaller TV and see how you do. If I improved I know you can because, unlike WoodyGamersTag, I am truly an unexceptional gamer and most of you are much better than I.

BF3 Stats

Battlefield 3: The state of the end game. Is Premium worth it now?

MARCH 2014

This article has sat on the burner for a while now because I wanted to get a good feel for the true state of BF3 these days. I considered not publishing it at all, but I am coming across quite a few new players lately. Given this I am led to believe this article will be of some benefit to the gaming community.

For me, getting to game again with two great friends in the very game responsible for bringing us together pretty much trumps any misgivings I had about jumping back into a dated game. From that perspective alone, it is more than worth it for me. BF3 is a great game that only gets better with friends.

But is it worth it for you? As far as content availability goes there are a few issues you will need to consider if you are thinking about purchasing Battlefield 3 Premium these days.

Close Quarters
Personally, I absolutely love this DLC. Take the best multi-player shooter ever made, add the more endearing elements of CoD into it, and it’s a win/win. The games are fast paced, frantic and just plain fun. This DLC is not for the faint of heart or the tool that nurtures their K/D like conservatives nurture the bullshit on Fox News. I just wish I could find more games. The few servers you can find are full most of the time and the rest are empty. This is not much of a problem when you are alone, but if you’re playing with friends it’s going to be hard to get your whole group into the same game and on the same team. You can usually find a Gun Master game to squeeze into, which is a nice change of pace sometimes that may introduce you to your new favorite gun. The biggest problem with Close Quarters is the huge, and I mean HUGE, ticket counts. The games never end, which sucks if you want to try the different CQ maps. Quite frankly, it’s absurd.

I don’t care what the Battlefield purists say, CoD like or not, it’s a laugh. More people need to be playing this. This DLC is worth purchasing for the added guns alone, so if you opt not to buy Premium and see this DLC on sale in the Xbox Live store, go for it!

b33m3R’s funfactor score: 8/10
Chances of finding a game: Good if solo or with one friend. Hard with a squad of 4.
Chances of finding a game on an official server: Slim to none for any mode but Gun Master.
Pros: Well worth it for the extra guns if you can get it on sale.
Cons: Ticket counts are more egregious than Jamie Dimon’s paycheck.

Of all the DLC, this was the one I was most looking forward to… Except that no one was playing it! It was infuriating. For a while I couldn’t fathom why, and one day I found a rented server playing the maps… It took me two games of Conquest to put the pieces together. For a game mode like Conquest the Aftermath maps are a CoD campers paradise. Every bullet that killed me came from some dark corner of some broken down building that was all but impossible to see into even with brightness turned all the way up. This problem was compounded more by the fact that the server I was playing on had the kill cam turned off. Yes, the little shits that rented the server knew exactly what they were doing and how to play these maps.

The Scavenger game mode alleviates the campfest design of the maps quite a bit. In Scavenger players are forced to traverse the maps to find weapons with limited ammo; making camping in a dark corner good for only one measly kill. However, this mode is replete with one great big logistical problem. You need to win 3 rounds of Scavenger in order to unlock the coveted XBOW therefore making Scavenger an utter bitch to win. Why? People are only playing it to unlock the XBOW, and will inevitably leave your team if it is losing half way through the match to join the winning team. At this juncture in the game’s history the servers are never full and having one or two players leave your team half way through the match ensures your loss. Extremely FRUSTRATING!

b33m3R’s funfactor score: 2/10
Chances of finding a game: You’d have better luck finding intelligent life amongst the fans of Duck Dynasty.
Chances of finding a game on an official server: Newt “Family Values” Gingrich has a better chance of staying with his wife after she becomes fatally ill.
Pros: The maps look cool. Rush might be the only viable game mode on these maps, good luck finding one though.
Cons: This has to be the most ill-thought out DLC ever. The maps are specifically designed for campers and Scavenger would be better served if it did not allow players to switch teams… Or they could have made unlocking the XBOW contingent on something other than winning 3 rounds of one of the most frustrating game modes in MPFPS history.

End Game
You can find a few people still playing these maps, especially Capture the Flag, and I have to say… Bikes are hella fun! I have not played these maps much, CTF ain’t really my thing. Engineers will be happy to know that Javelins are actually useful now, against bikes. Just know that while riding said bike you will receive no warning at all that a Javelin has locked onto you and will promptly witness yourself being blown into a million tiny pieces.

b33m3R’s funfactor score: 5/10
Chances of finding a game: Fair so long as you want to play capture the flag.
Chances of finding a game on an official server: Slim to good.
Pros: Bikes are really fun (more so when drunk)! CTF is always a solid game mode to play. Javelins are useful now!
Cons: Overall, nothing to write home about. Javelins are useful now!

Armored Kill
I’ve never been a big fan of vehicles in Battlefield. I’m not saying they don’t belong in the game, vehicles are part of Battlefield’s charm. I’ve just been stuck on too many teams that get decimated by crack pilots and honestly, IGLA and Javelin/SOLFAM combos are fucking useless against a talented chopper pilot equipped with below radar and stealth. This DLC is good for a laugh but that’s about it. The maps are huge and if you lose your vehicle it will be a long hike to another one. The servers are populated by vehicle gurus so good luck if you are looking for a place to work on your piloting skills; you’ll be cannon fodder for all the level 100s.

b33m3R’s funfactor score: 6/10
Chances of finding a game: Fair.
Chances of finding a game on an official server: Fair.
Pros: Huge maps, more vehicles…
Cons: Huge maps, more vehicles with level 100s piloting them…

Is Battlefield 3 Premium worth it this late in the game?
For $35+, not so much. If you can get it for $25 or less, perfect. The biggest problem I see is the fact that you are largely limited to rented servers with the DLC, all of which have ridiculous ticket counts and/or ridonkulous rules. Mostly, it’s the ticket counts that grind my gears. Even when I do have the time to sit down for a marathon Battlefield 3 session I have no desire to play the same game mode and map for 3 hours.

There are plenty of BF3 classic and Back to Karkand (which I did not review, because it was released with BF3 and to me that’s part of the original game) games to go around, but if you’re looking to play a bunch of Premium DLC you are going to be disappointed. The core game (and B2K) have a solid player base that does not look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

I recommend picking up the basic game, and get Close Quarters (if only for the additional guns), and Back to Karkand when they go on sale. Everything else is a waste of money.

BF3 Stats

The BF Diaries: The Returning Soldier

Holy shitsnacks! A new BF Diaries article on TDCS? But b33m3R, we thought you got all pissed off and disgruntled during The Great Battlefield 3 Server Fiasco

Yes, yes I did. And I still have not forgiven EA or DICE for that. Looking back on the articles I wrote I can see I was pretty pissed off at the time. I don’t regret anything I wrote, nor am I reversing any of my opinions. I wrote those articles out of love for the game and the utter contempt I have for Electronic Arts and the fascist corporate fuckwads they’ve become.

Alas, none of that changes the fact that Battlefield 3 is the best multi-player FPS I have ever played. It is also the game in which I met two of the best friends I’ve ever made. We’ve played other games (such as Borderlands 2) during my BF3 hiatus, but nothing has really sparked the thrills we got when we first met on the Battlefield.

When I saw the Premium Edition on sale on Black Friday for $25, I couldn’t resist. I still remember the terrible time we had when they first started renting out servers, and I am still vehemently against purchasable unlocks that have an affect on gameplay, but this time I knew what I was getting into beforehand and was prepared to risk it. And I wanted to check out the DLC I missed out on.

Why not get Battlefield 4? I’m sure 4 is a great game (if you’re not on PC or Next Gen), but if you’ve been following The Dead Console for any reasonable amount of time you would know I’m a pretty frugal gamer. I don’t pay $50+ for a game. Ever. I refuse to give Electronic Arts more money than I need to.

All things considered I payed a total of $50 for Battlefield 3 & Premium; $35 when I bought BF3 during the Black Friday sale after it was first released, I traded it in for $10 when the whole server fiasco happened, and then another $25 for BF3 Premium last Black Friday. So I saved $50 by not buying the premium when it first came out. I actually had that $50 in my gaming budget set aside for Premium back then (that’s how much I was enjoying BF3), but they pulled the server bullshit, I got turned off, and the whole thing gave me reason to solidify my $35 buy-in price for any game.

The rented server problems still exist. The insane server rules I see are nucking futz. No RPGs, no grenades, no ‘nade launchers, no shotties, and no AEK (no AEK, WTF?) The list is far too big for me to go into detail about. Seems to me like a lot of these server admins just want to ban about everything that helps anyone they consider to be a noob. Kind of like the Republican’s war on the poor and disenfranchised. Working poor? Fuck your food stamps! Mediocre player using the AEK? Get the fuck off my server!

None of that matters. My attitude towards gaming has changed a lot since then. I honestly don’t give a shit anymore. I game for no other reason than to have fun and there are bigger problems in the world to be passionate about. At 44, if a game pisses me off I stop playing it. The only thing that matters is I’ve been having oodles of fun playing BF3 with my buds again and it’s stoked the fires of our bromance to burn brighter than ever!

BF3 Stats

EA MADDEN 12 Controls Reference Sheet for XBOX 360

To celebrate my forty-fourth year on this God forsaken planet I stopped by Gamestop and picked up a USED copy of Madden 12 (yeah, eff you  EA!). Not sure why. It’s been a long time since I’ve played any Madden. Like SEGA Genesis long. I had a copy of 2004 for the Xbox one… err, I mean the original Xbox, but I never played it. Popped it in, put it on rookie and beat the Dolphins with the Jets 42 to 0… Then I went and played my BaP in NHL 13 (effing, Calgary Flames coach finally moved me back to the first line–who the smeg moves the league’s leading scorer to the second line anyway?) So, yeah, not sure why… It was only $10, guess I figured why not?

Madden 12 Controller Reference Sheet for Xbox 360

(click the picture to download the file)

I went by what the instructions on the internet said. I’m pretty busy lately and don’t have time to play games as much as I’d like and thus this reference sheet has NOT been taken for a test drive. If you see any mistakes please inform me in the comments section below (politely, children) and I will revise when I get a chance.

As always, YOU’RE WELCOME!

NBA2K12 Controls Reference Sheet for XBOX 360

To celebrate my forty-fourth year on this God forsaken planet I stopped by Gamestop and picked up a copy of 2K Sports NBA2K12. I’m not a huge basketball fan, I enjoy watching the playoffs occasionally and I’d go see a game if I had a buddy to go with, but I don’t need the latest version to quench my thirst for a little court action. Some of the best gaming fun I remember having was playing EA’s basketball on the SEGA Genesis (way back when Electronic Arts gave a shit about gaming) and I’ve been hankering trying out the game that laid EA’s lack-luster NBA Live franchise to rest.

Popped this bugger in a few nights ago and man, do I suck. Seriously, enter obligatory white boy can’t jump diss right here _____.

It’s a great game. Looks fantastic and plays much better than any version of NBA Live I’ve owned. Games like this, however, make me reminisce about the simpler days of gaming; when it took little more than a 6-pack, a controller with less than 10 buttons, a couple of friends and a single Friday night to figure it out.

2KSports NBA2K12 Controls Reference Sheet for the 360

(click the picture to download the file)

I went by what the included instructions said. I’m pretty busy lately and don’t have time to play games as much as I’d like and thus this reference sheet has NOT been taken for a test drive. If you see any mistakes please inform me in the comments section below (politely, children) and I will revise when I get a chance.

As always, YOU’RE WELCOME!

NHL 13 Sliders: My Be A Pro Sliders Revisited

EA Sports NHL 13


Period Length: 20 Offsides: On Icing: Delayed
Injuries: On Tie Break: 4 on 4/shootout Penalties: 3
Post Whistle Rules: Authentic Penalty Time Scaling: 0 Fighting: 2


Skill Level: Pro       Gamestyle:


Tuner Set: 1.06 CPU Aid: Hardcore Broken Stick Freq.: 2
Game Speed: 0 Attribute Effects: 3
Fatigue Eff. Hum/CPU: 4/4 Fatigue Rec. Hum/CPU: 2/2 Injury Hum/CPU: 0/0
Puck Control Hum/CPU: 2/1 Acceleration Hum/CPU: 2/2


Created Plays: On
A.I. Learning: 3 CPU Difficulty: 0 CPU Strategy Adj.: 3
Be A Pro Strategy Adj.: 3 Human Strategy Adj.: 3 CPU Faceoff Diff.: 4
Fight Difficulty: 3 CPU Penalties: 4 Teammate Penalties: 4


Pass Assist: 4 Manual Passing: On
Pass Speed: 3 Saucer Pass Speed: 1
Pass Acc. Hum/CPU: 3/2 Pass Rec. Hum.CPU: 2/1 Interceptions Hum/CPU: 4/4


Shot Acc. Hum/CPU: 3/1 Shot Power Hum/CPU: 3/3 Slap Acc. Hum/CPU: 1/1
Slap Power Hum/CPU: 3/3 1 Timer Acc. Hum /CPU: 2/1


Hit Assistance: 3 Aggression Hum/CPU: 4/4 Hit Power Hum/CPU: 2/2
Stick Lift Hum/CPU: 2/2 Poke Hum/CPU: 1/1


Goalie Passing: 2 Goalie Cover Puck: 6
Goalie Screen Effect Hum/CPU: 4/4 Goalie Reaction Speed Hum/CPU: 2/2

My BaP son got drafted 1st overall to the Anaheim Ducks. Good job kid!

This threw one huge knucklepuck at my slider settings. As I suspected when I was tweaking the sliders during the LHJMQ season, getting into the NHL is a whole different stadium. These changes are based off my BaP playing 3 rather difficult games in the NHL pre-season before being happily informed he was guaranteed a place on the Ducks roster, then unceremoniously sent back to the Remparts and informed of the decision after the fact… Fucking corporations!

I’m now tweaking the difficulty with this in consideration. If it makes my LHJMQ season seem too easy, I’m going to treat it as my BaP (who was drafted first overall) is just that much more talented than his peers.

Regardless, know that any tweaks you make during a CHL season (and possibly the NHL minors as well) may need to be looked at again when you play in the NHL. It may be wiser to start an NHL Pro BaP season and play 40 odd games, tweaking the sliders, before you start working on your own pro.

My BaP started his career as a 17 year old in the CHL. There is a problem with players under the age of 20. The official NHL rule is you can’t play in the AHL unless you are 20 years old, but if you are talented you can play in the NHL if you are 18 or older. The issue I faced was when my BaP played the pre-season games with the Ducks, no matter how well he did he was sent back to the Remparts after 3 games. This happened even after being assured he was guaranteed a spot on the roster. I believe the coding that dictates no player under 20 can play in the AHL overrides any coding that says the coach wants you in the NHL lineup.

If you start a BaP in the CHL make sure he’s at least 19 years old if you don’t want to spend 3 seasons in the CHL.


Broken Sticks: Broken sticks seem excessive some games. I lowered it down to one notch for a couple of games and I don’t remember seeing a single stick breaking. Another slider that has no happen medium between its lowest settings. It’s kind of cool watching players scramble to the bench and get handed another stick so I’m going to leave it at 2.

Injury Occurrence: Because of the BaP injured player not returning to the roster until another player is injured glitch, I lowered this to 0/0 (there are still plenty of injuries at 0). I’d rather have an unrealistic season with no injuries than run the risk of having several of my star players missing until other players get injured. This glitch is game (mode) breaking, I am considering turning injuries off altogether. To be honest, because of this egregious error in the coding, I’m losing interest in BaP mode.

Puck Control: Changed from 1/0 to 2/1. I felt that a setting of 1 does not accurately reflect a skilled puck handler’s ability to stay on the puck after being jostled a little. I raised the CPU to 1 in the interest of fairness.

Player Acceleration: I experimented with this at 3/3 for a few games and ended up back at 2/2. There is no happy medium between the two settings. Sometimes 2/2 feels too slow but at 3/3 there is too little ice resistance/physics applied to the players.

Penalties: A.I. Penalties changed to 4/4 (CPU Penalties/Teammate Penalties) from 5/4 and I experimented with the Rules penalties slider at 3, but raised it back to 4 after two games.

Some games have 10-15 minutes of penalties per team; this is entirely plausible according to this NHL chart. I tend to notice every power play and penalty kill during the game because my BaP is out on those lines. This causes me to constantly think I need to tweak the penalty sliders. Be aware of situations like this. After some experimentation and research I’m convinced these settings accurately represent the proper ratio of penalties in an NHL game. Not only in my BaP career but in my GM/Season as well.

In my sliders series I explained that you would want to set your teammates penalty slider lower than the CPU penalties slider because your BaP will also be taking penalties. In my case, my BaP is a playmaker and as such rarely takes a penalty. In the interest of fairness and difficulty I have made these sliders an even 4/4. If you are playing a tough guy, grinder, defensemen or any position more prone to taking penalties my initial wisdom is still sound.

In one game the team I was playing took 35 minutes in penalties. Again, I thought my penalties sliders needed work. Then I looked at the hits… They had something  like 30-40 hits to my team’s 17 (they were on home ice). They were playing goon style hockey and the 35 minutes was probably justified. The moral of this story? Always remember to look at all the game’s stats before making a slider adjustment.

Passing: This was a difficulty tweak, I moved the CPU pass accuracy from 0 to 2 and pass reception ease to 2/1. Pass completion stats for both teams averages around 70-75% per game in the LHJMQ. Probably a little higher than I’d like. However, the few games I played in the NHL pre-season suggest this may change once my BaP is playing in the NHL and thus we are leaving it as is for now.

Shooting: Shot accuracy changed to 3/1. When I started my BaP season I was influenced by the settings of my play now/season sliders and I would use auto shot aim. I’m now using manual shot aim with my BaP and made this adjustment to better represent his shooting capabilities and my lack of. My BaP has a wrist shot accuracy of 90 and even with this slider advantage against the rookie goalies in the LHJMQ he does not score every game. In the 3 games he played in the NHL pre-season he only scored one goal, and that was a freak accident! While this may give him too much of an “advantage” in the LHJMQ, I’m residing myself to the fact that he is much more talented than his peers.

Aggression: From 4/5 to 3/3 or 4/4. Yeah, when I got to the NHL the opposing team was all over me like flies on $%#! I could barely get a shot off! I still believe this is the slider you need to look at to incrementally increase/decrease difficulty not only in your ice time, but during the simulated segments of your games as well. In the LHJMQ, 4/4 gives me the right amount of challenge, but when I reached the NHL I felt overwhelmed and had to bring it down to 3/3.

Final Words
It’s all how you look at it. I don’t find consistently thinking about and adjusting the sliders a pleasant experience. I’m only suffering through it because of my love of hockey. I really just want to turn the game on and play. Sure, it’s giving me something to blog about, and I enjoy helping the gaming community (if this can be seen as that) but I’d rather be writing my fiction. Some of my rationalization may seem silly to you but it’s what I need to do in my head to come to terms with an imperfect hockey game. You have to find your own zen.


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